The Story of S3 Leagues

S3 Singles Social Sports Leagues was born and raised in the city of Chicago. The Founder of S3 found himself wanting to escape the cold and lonely winters – and figured he wasn’t the only guy stuck at home. How great it would be, he thought, to be active, meet others, and play in a social sports league. So what did he spend that winter doing? Creating it.

Why? It seems like everyone wants to play on co-ed recreational sports teams, but often times find it difficult to organize a group of friends to sign up a whole squad. But what if you could join a team either by yourself or with a couple of friends while knowing that everyone on that team (and in the league at that!) is 100% single and ready to mingle? Yeah, that’s what we thought.

The franchise grew to New York City where the founder of S3 Boston, Jessica, played in NYC’s first singles softball league with her wing-woman. Three years later, Jessica moved to Boston to start a new S3 league of her own.

S3 Leagues are more than just leagues. By putting you on a team of players with others your age from your neighborhood, we offer a unique social experience where meeting new friends and making a connection are just as important as the sports themselves. We pride ourselves in running the most fun, welcoming, personal leagues in the city. And we put together some pretty incredible league-wide events throughout the season.

So if you are the kind of person who likes to meet new people, be active and play a little recreational sports while you’re at it, JOIN US!



“If you are new to Boston, or are just looking to expand your social circle, I can not recommend this organization enough! The duo who runs S3 are phenomenal people who have a sincere and genuine interest in helping people come together and make new friends and connections along the way.

I have spent a few weeks in their pilot league, and have already signed up for a 2nd and seriously considering a 3rd. As with many “sports” leagues, there is the fear that you will get thrown onto a team of people who already know one another (and be left out) or thrown on a team of randos, many of which never show up or are heard from after a game or two.

This league is completely designed around targeting groups of individuals looking to be teamed up with strangers who quickly become close friends. The option to join a team with people you already know is still there, but so far it seems like all the teams are a great mix of unique people who have never met before.

Outside of the games, the pair running the group has set up free bowling events, party cruises to go on, free concerts to attend, not to mention FREE BEER every week right after your games end. It really is a group that focuses on the SOCIALization aspect of life, and so far it’s been one of the most enjoyable experiences I’ve had since moving to Boston.”

-Zach D., Boston MA

“I haven’t been this compelled to write a review since becoming the proud owner of a Three Wolf One Moon T-shirt (yes they exist and will complete your life) but that’s not what you came here to learn…. I can’t recommend S3 highly enough.

For serious though… I’ve joined some other social sports leagues in the city in the past but never had a great time. Most teams were quite cliquey if you’re signing up solo, the after game social scene was non-existent, teams were pretty unevenly matched and organizers really didn’t even show to their own game nights or get to know the players.

S3 has been the complete opposite and so much fun. It’s good for all skill levels, the teams are pretty evenly matched, it’s great value for money considering the playing time and great organization. The organizers are really friendly, they get involved too. They have a sponsored bar and free pitchers after games, there’s lots of other side events organised to get to know people and it’s been a really friendly league to sign up not knowing anyone there previously. The games have a friendly-competitive vibe too meaning there’s a good friendly banter between everyone but no pressure whatsoever if you’re new to the game.

Really great, I’ll definitely be joining future seasons.”

– Graham O. Somerville, MA

“I am not sure what made me decide to sign up for S3 Softball but I am SOOO glad I did. This league is great. I went in never having played an organized sport before and now I am one of the co-captains! With the way it is set up everyone going in is grouped together with other teammates that are of a similar age. Our team has planned several events independent of the league and the league itself also plans League-wide events so that we can get to know people on the other teams. We have a regularly scheduled meet-up after each time we play and everyone has a good time. SO this is the place to be if you want to meet new people and have some fun.

Don’t be intimidated if you have never played the sports. Many of our teammates have never played softball and the whole team is supportive and enthusiastic. My favorite part of registration was that when you had to pick your skill level it ranged from “I should have gone pro” to” I am afraid of the ball” and “I just came for the beer” . So the skill level run the gamut.  The teams are evenly matched and it is an all around good time for everyone.

I can’t wait to sign up for another sport this fall!”

– Kathie D. Watertown, MA

“I never knew what the true meaning of YOLO was until I joined an S3 league.  From laid back softball games in which the opposing team legit talks smack out a megaphone, to heated games of bear pong and ordering a pitcher just for yourself at the league bar, S3 has loads of fun to offer to everyone.  I’m not sure exactly how I stumbled onto S3 and signed up for a league, but I if you want to have the time of your life, I suggest you do the same.”

– Chris N. Boston, MA

“Mirroring what others have said. Joe and Jess are fantastic, and they’re working hard to keep the atmosphere friendly and social, both during the games and at the bar after.

The sports aspect is great.. competitive enough to keep it fun, but not so much that people get intimidated. The real fun happens after the games, with free beer at the bar, all sorts of fun events, and a super relaxed atmosphere (we’re all sweaty and tired after the game.. so none of the usual meet-someone-at-a-bar anxiety). In just 4 weeks, I’ve already made some great friends and look forward to making more.

Worth every penny. Looking forward to more sports in the fall and beyond!”

– Rami A. Boston, MA

“S3 was one of the best things I stumbled across.  I was just looking for a softball league that fit into my schedule, and found this one.  Jess is amazing.  I’ve had soooooo much fun, and met some amazing people who I consider to be great friends now, who I wouldn’t have met otherwise.  Lots of people have found romance, and it’s a great time every single week.  I honestly don’t want the season to end!!!!!  Definitely sign up for the leagues they have, it’s worth every penny, for realsies.”

– Jenni D. Boston, MA

“Boston is full of fun activities that sometime require groups of people getting together. Going out shouldn’t always mean hitting the bar while sleeping all day long. I thought I was alone in that quest until….I met Jess from Boston Social Events. They’re passionate about getting people together through a variety of awesome events…drinking not required but a fun attitude is a must.”

– Kosta, Brighton, MA

“I came to Boston knowing probably two people in the city, and I can confidently say that the majority of and some of my closest friends are those I’ve met through S3. It really is an awesome organization.” 

Sean C., Boston, MA

“Thanks again for all you guys do for the league! I just moved to Boston from Denver the week of the first game and didn’t know a soul here! I am so happy to have made so many friends on my team and other teams and appreciate how much fun you have made this league! 

-Kristi R, Boston, MA